We grow with our customers.

Our company has been sharing this philosophy as a starting point for all of our business activities since its formation. We believe that the creation and provision of new values based on customers’ perspectives will strengthen the relationship of mutual trust between our customers and OTEX, and become a source of mutual development.

We constantly listen to our customers' comments and create new values in order to provide products and services that satisfy the changing needs of our customers.


Otex tries to be the best.

While we use the latest technology in even the smallest of details of our production, such as a laser burnt label on a piece of stainless steel, we strive to continue to be a good company for both people and the earth.

Due to continuous development of previous years, the original idea has become a machine-family of three members offering our customers many performance options.

When building the machines we use state-of-the art technologies, to assure high quality and long lifetime.

Are you fed up with texts of small letters?

Uniquely in the world - we provide two years full warranty of our machines, independent of their actual owner.

After the second year, we are proud to offer a full lifetime warranty for all original owners of equipment purchased directly from our factory. We repair everything for absolutely free, but after the first two years you only need to pay the shipping cost. No hidden costs, no "small" flat fees.