A turning-point in your life – the possibility to be your own boss.

Fresh, hot mini donuts have always been a popular food item at festivals, fairs and many other outdoor seasonal events.

In addition to seasonal outdoor events, there are hundreds of other places where our popular donut machine can be very profitable. Here are just a few examples of where a well-placed mini-donut machine can help you become your own boss or expand your current business: coffee shops, mall kiosks, sports arenas, food courts, entertainment complexes, high school sports events and much more. We provide you with an excellent machine for a reasonable price.

reliable -

effective -

easy to use -

fully automatic -

adjustable output -

different donut sizes -

230 and 115 volt versions -


- portable

- low cost

- small sized

- easy to clean

- easy to maintain

- adjustable frying time

- adjustable oil temperature


A product that is popular and known world-wide. Sales have always been doing well even during fluctuations in the economy.

What is the secret? Maybe, everyone loves donuts… Interesting, fascinating view and taste.

Equipped with a reliable machine which can be operated at a low cost, your success is guaranteed.